Thursday, 10 November 2011

Starting off steady: My life goals, and reasons for posting things.

This is, without a doubt, the dullest thing I can start a blog with, after the obvious introduction, but I just want to go a little deeper into why I will be posting certain things here.

  • I want to eventually write for a respectable national newspaper or magazine, and I need lots of experience writing articles to build my portfolio. This means that I shall be writing articles about a variety of subjects here; some of these I hope to get published on Mookychick, which would certainly boost my writing rep. and confidence.
  • I'm a student, more specifically a teenage student, so I will obviously be very rant-y from time-to-time. However, to separate such posts, I will post something along the lines of "Rant Alert!".
  • I love to write flash fiction/vignettes, so expect lots of them. I'll post "Creative" or something to help distinguish them from other posts.

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