Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Honey, I'm Home!

In my last post, I said I'd be moving house mid-October. Well things got delayed, the worst delay being internet, which I just got two hours ago!

This is a kind of a "yes I'm alive" post and a bit of a "look at my crib" post, but my kinderwhore-related stuff won't be neglected! I've just got some college-induced writer's block, but it'll hopefully pass in a few days. I've also been inspired to post more variety, like in my early days, but we'll have to see!

Me (+tits)
As I was, still am, and will forever be a slow blogger, I have a constantly-updating Tumblr, that is an easy way to contact me or just find out what I like and how I act outside of the blogging world. I warn ye: I'm entirely bonkers.

So until next time!

Le new workspace!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Winter Kinderwhore

With Halloween just a stone's throw away (which also means that I'm moving house very very soon!), it's time to pull out all those fluffy blankets and light those fires. Yep, it's winter!

However, many folk are forced to alter their look and make compromises in order to avoid flu (or worse), especially kinderwhores. Because let's face it, no-one wants swollen purple legs under those ripped fishnets, do they?

But don't start weeping and stuffing those pretty things into the deepest darkest depths of your wardrobe, help is here!
A Mori Girl. Source

Knits are your friends
In my guide, I mentioned that cardigans and jumpers are ideal for when you're feeling a little chilly, and I ain't lying! Thin knits are nice for when your sat indoors with the windows sealed shut, whilst those chunky ones are perfect for nipping to the shop in! Perhaps stock up on those pinks and purples; it's sometimes tricky to look childish when it's minus fifteen outside!

A good thing about winter fashion nowadays is that a lot of places sell knitted dresses, especially charity shops. Another good idea is to grab some Christmas knits; they are typically associated with children, and they come in a variety of designs!

Now, the idea of having a jumper covering that lovely dress may worry you, but one is not always enough. Remember that it's the coldest time of the year! Thus, chuck a larger jumper over that previous one. If you don't want to look like a big pile of knitted garments, consider mixing thin and thick ones into your look. I enjoy a thick cardigan over a thin one. Also, if you get too warm, just take the top layer off! Colour-wise, you can either stick to one colour, or wear a rainbow of different shades or colours!

Layering is not just for knits, mind. Avoid frozen legs by wearing lots of tights, stockings, and socks. Bright tights over fishnets are good for a pop of colour to an over wise bland outfit, and wear thick socks over some tights for toasty calves. Another idea is wearing lots of tutus and petticoats (and bloomers?) under your dress. Not only will your pelvis be nice and toasty, but the winter wind means you can show them off!

Be Inspired by Mori Kei
Despite it having different roots and inspiration, Mori Kei, a Japanese trend where one dresses like someone living it out in a forest, can sometimes look a bit like kinderwhore, due to the large use of cute dresses and lots of legwear, albeit using a natural/earthy palette.

Popular Mori items that can be easily incorporated into kinderwhore fashion include shawls/ponchos, ear muffs, and knitted gloves. Also, Mori girls are known to wear longer dresses, so perhaps take note and warm up those knees!

Childish Accessories
I hope you were taught to always wear hat, scarf, and gloves when going outside, because now's the time to really put the lesson into practice! Children's winter stuff is perfect for a cold kinderwhore, especially with the dominance of cute colours and patterns available! This is really an area where you just need to find stuff that looks childish and fits.

Boots have always been connected with kinderwhore  Wellies worn at festivals, combats rocked by the less feminine kinderwhores, and even the rise of the bootie (or shoe-boot) has had the occasional collision with the look. Also, more punk or gothy kinderwhores are prone to wearing them. Here is an area where preference is key. If you want all-weather boots, go ahead! Military boots? Take 'em! New Rocks with all the trimmings? Secondhand is your best bet! Uggs? If you really want to...

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kinderwhore Quick Tips!

This ain't part of the Kinderwhore guide, but is more of an side-thing to accompany it. You could call it a "stuff I forgot to mention" post.
Kurt Cobain: proof that kinderwhore is not a girls-only look!

  • Don't shop with kinderwhore in mind

Instead of looking for something that is kinderwhore, look for something that could look kinderwhore. For example, instead of searching for a baby-pink cardigan, perhaps study the design and detail of other cardigans. If you see a navy blue one with cute flowers, get it!

  • Make compromises
This is for issues that you either can't solve or can't be arsed solving. Greasy hair? Stick it in a ponytail. Grass stains on your pretty white tights? Wear 'em anyway! Don't feel like you always need to be presentable.

  • Chill the look sometimes
A good idea for an ill or tired kinderwhore, or one facing an identity crisis of the fashion variety. You are not bound by law to always dress kinderwhore. If you'd rather spend the day in jeans and a jumper, do it. I have a habit of sticking to my PJs when I'm at home, even when I have guests. Case in point: my mates are coming over tomorrow. Will I wash my hair and wear something decent? Hell no.

  • Don't insult your fellow kinderwhores
On Tumblr, there can be a lot of hate between kinderwhores. Some of it is somewhat understandable (I don't really want to see your expensive lippy under the Kinderwhore tag, thanks!), but don't suddenly decide someone is or isn't kinderwhore. It's judgmental and possibly rude. You wouldn't like it if someone you've never even heard of said that you're "not kinderwhore enough" or something, would you?

  • Save those pennies!
Don't feel the need to spend all your cash on clothes. Courtney Love herself preferred to spend it on amps and cigarettes. It's better for all if you spend that money on bills and food than on that nice dress you saw at Shelter or a cute and dye job. Grunge fashion was scruffy for a reason.

  • Stick to your comfort zone
At the end of the day, it's your choice to dress kinderwhore, so it's your choice to wear it however you want. If ripped tights make you cringe, or seeing a white dress stained scares you, then that's okay. Kinderwhore is supposed to feel good, not freaky. Respect your own limits.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 6: Anything and Everything!

This is a very delayed post, I know, but I'm back at college and already neck-deep in my studies!

The beauty of kinderwhore is that you don't have to stick to just a dress, socks, shoes, and hair stuff! There are a few elements that are not usually associated with the look that can be comfortably incorporated into the look, so get creative!
Courtney Love, the most badass fairy we've ever seen!
No, silly, not headlice! Cardigans and Jumpers are ideal for chucking over a dress in colder weather; my favourite casual outfit is a nightdress with a long baggy cardi and flats. A basic cream, white or black knit can add the finishing touch to an outfit, though a pastel one is ideal for adding the child factor. If you're a knitting fan, then go wild!
A shawl or poncho can also suffice, though extra effort may have to be made to ensure that it looks good with your outfit. However, a shawl will allow you to delve into the endless choice that is brooches (though these could be worn with just the dress), so don't fear them!

Perfect with lolita-style dresses. A petticoat could also be worn over a slip or with a jumper for a more kid-dressing-up look. Colours are no issue, though white, pink, and maybe black are perfect!
On a similar note...

Cute AND practical! Bloomers, especially pettipants, are great for wearing under a dress if you value dignity, or if you just want something adorable to show under your outfit in case of wind! Daring kinderwhore can just chuck on a cute top and show off those bloomers without having to rely on the weather!

This can be cute, morbid, sophisticated, or personal. Plastic jewellery brings out the child aspect, though this is down to personal preference. I prefer steampunk stuff, especially if it involves keys and alchemy bottles, and the next kinderwhore may enjoy wearing a hundred jelly bands! Religious items are becoming quite popular, especially crosses, but remember to understand the meaning; thinking St. Andrew's cross is satanic ain't cute.

A fun way to change your look in an instant! Wigs come in all shapes and colours, and quality is no issue for a kinderwhore, so go nuts! If you simply want to change your hair colour without the commitment, or feel like you need you hair to match that new lipstick, then simply bathe in all the choice you have. eBay is a good place to start, though your local city may have a wig shop present.

Yes, wings. Like tiaras and nightdresses, wings are for the uber-confident. A small pair give a cute bit of fairy-magic, but the bigger they are, the more of that fairy magic you'll have!
And that's about it! Thank you so much for reading this guide, and I hope you have a fun time dressing up!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 5: Put that slap on!

According to many articles I've found about Kinderwhore makeup, all you need is some red lippy to slap on.
Wrong! In fact, kinderwhore makeup is just as varied as the dresses! The trick is to mix and match; this will possibly give an air of improvisation and creativity. Also, application should generally be more along the lines of properly-done than children playing with mommy's stuff (though feel free to make it look a bit uneven or lazily-done!)

Where should you get your makeup? Ideally drugstores or supermaket own-brands, though I know you can find cheap makeup in markets and charity shops. However, if you prefer a high street or designer brand, keep in mind that you'll have to make some sacrifices to get it; the original kinderwhores were too busy trying to survive off what money they had to afford nice lippy!

Courtney Love, rocking her ever-present red lippy and smudged eyeshadow.
Common lip colours:
  • Red: be it firetruck or deep crimson, this is without a doubt the most popular shade.
  • Pink: pale pinks are ideal for casual wear and for more childlike lips, whereas a bright pink will make you look like a junkie Barbie doll (which is a good thing!) Also, bright pinks make a great alternative to red!
  • Peach: again, good for low-key and childish lips.
  • Brown: a deep brown, or maybe maroon, is perfect for kinderwhores of colour who wish to be a little more on the subtle side.
  • Nude: bare lips are great if you're feeling a bit lacking in confidence, or if you'd rather emphasise your eyes/cheeks.
Common eye colours:
  • Black: ideal for making a statement with dark, smoky eyes.
  • Brown: ideal for giving the impression of tiredness or extended drug use. Browns can also be a subtle alternative to black smoky eyes.
  • Grey: from silver to glittery to bold, grey is a wonderful all-purpose colour!
  • Pastel: these can give your eyes a cutesy charm, and can be used to make some adorable pastel rainbow eyes!
  • Blue: like brown, a deep blue is a bolder alternative to black!
Common blush colours:
  • Pink: childish charm at its best!
  • Peach: for subtler cheeks.
  • Brown: ideal for kinderwhores of colour wanting subtle cheeks.
  • Red: only for the most daring!
In addition, black eyeliner and mascara are perfect for completing your makeup bag/drawer, though don't be afraid to look for other colours!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 4: Hair, Hats, and Accessories, Oh My!

Yes, it's a three-in-one! This is due to, again, similarities, but also because hair especially is too short for it's own part. So, let's get to it with common hair styles!

The Blonde Bombshell: platinum locks curled to be near perfect! Ideal for the high-maintenance kinderwhore. Think Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, or Barbie. However, the grunge aesthetics make this a rare find.
Christina Aguilera rocks the Blonde Bombshell.
The Blonde Bomb: Similar to the above, but messy and with the roots showing. Works best with hair naturally quite dark. The idea here is to bleach it, then ignore it completely aside from the occasional wash.
Kat Bjelland
Au Natural: Put down the bleach and rock your natural colour!
Tickle Me Pink!: Or red, or green, or blue, or purple! The trick here is to make sure it's faded and the roots come through.
The Black Bob: Perfect for more gothic or flapper-like kinderwhores! I have this style, and, for someone with naturally straight hair, it's very low maintenance!
Christina Ricci with a bang-less bob.
Bunches or pigtails are a very popular and childish style that's friendly to most hair, be it coloured, messy, or curly! These can be high or low, symmetrical or to one side!
Babydoll from Sucker Punch. She's pretty much a pristine-perfect styled-up kinderwhore, but we love her anyway.
Plaits are also a common-ish feature due to it's childish appearance, but are not for the low maintenance or lazy!
Mary-Kate Olsen, with a pretty (and scruffy) fishtail plait.

Next comes the hats and hair accessories, which come in a few varieties:

Hair/head/Alice bands: These come in lots of shapes, colours, patterns, and styles, so wild! Just keep in mind that it should look childish or cute.
Bows/Ribbons: These often look childish by default, so you really have an endless choice of styles to choose from here!
Lady GaGa. A really creative/bored kinderwhore could go one step further and make her hair the bow!
Plastic Barrettes: A very cutesy style of clip. They can be hard to find online or in charity shops, so attack those kids stores!
A barrette for every day! Source
Crowns or Tiaras are great for daring kinderwhores, and plastic ones are cheap and easy to find!
Courtney Love
A Sunhat will be perfect for hot weather, and could make even the most destroyed outfit look posh!
Babes in Toyland
Other options include army helmets, regular hair clips, hair flowers, bobby pins, slides, and even berets!

Next time, we'll look into the make-up of kinderwhore!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 3: Leg it!

This is going to be a two-in-one part, due to the closeness of legwear and footwear. This is often a part where childish and whorish are brought together, and can offer greater variety and chance for individuality than the dress.

First, the legs. There are various styles used, so how about a few common examples?

Knee-Highs are popular due to the childlike look they give and are ideal for those who wish to dress their legs without covering the knee up. These come in all sorts of colours and patterns, but plain white or cream ones will go with everything. Also, don't be afraid of darker or brighter colours, as they could give a fun pop of colour to a pastel dress!
Tights are another popular look, and are ideal for colder weather! These are typically seen in white, black, or maybe nude, though go crazy here! Some of the most kinderwhore-friendly patterns are striped and polkadot, though I own a lovely pair of heart-patterned ones! Tights are usually worn to the point of death, with lots of holes and ladders being common.

Stockings, like tights, are commonly torn, mainly by accident, but are a lot more restricting in terms of styles available. However, if you find a nice pair of patterned stockings, be sure to hold onto them!
Ankle socks are a rarity, but are just too lovely to skip over. These, like knee socks, come in all sorts of patterns and colours, so feel free to experiment!
Hole, again.

Now to the feet. footwear is often just said to be Mary Janes and Doc Martens, though there is sooo much else to choose from!

Mary Janes are the most obvious choice, given their childish appearance, however they come in so many styles! Flats, heels, platforms, wedges, black, white, red, pink; anything is possible with Mary Janes! Try and stick to relatively cheap ones, but if you're like me and adore Demonia's shoes too much, save up and get a pair!
Source unknown
Combat boots are good for those times when your pretty shoes are inappropriate, such as when it's raining  snowing, or just too cold! For these times, combat boots come in handy. Docs are a clear winning in the hard-wearing department, though don't underestimate cheaper brands! Get them in leather, pleather, suede, faux suede, floral print, polka dot, plain, pre-worn. The options are endless!
Oxford shoes are that sort of shoe that is both common and uncommon. Whilst Courtney would always be in a pair of Mary Janes, Kat seemed to love Oxford shoes. These can come in flat or heeled styles, and are usually just in plain leather or pleather, but are great for when you tire of that pair of smart MJs.
Kat Bjelland
Other less popular looks include regular courts and heels, pumps, and maybe a pair of cheap flip flops in the summer.

Next time we'll delve into the depths or kinderwhore hair!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 2: Dresses Galore!

Dresses to Kinderwhore is like caffeine to a blogger, or strings to a guitar; that is, absolutely necessary. I believe that if Courtney and Kat never wore those peter-pan collar dresses, kinderwhore would be virtually non-existent. When you think of the style, the dress is typically the first thought.

However, I'd like to clarify that a peter-pan collar does not always make a dress kinderwhore. A kinderwhore dress has to be something other. I'd agree that the collar is a major element, but not every kinderwhore dress needs one. Mostly go for dresses above the knee and that are either floaty or shapeless, and have a childish feel to them. Material is usually no issue, but be aware that velvet, faux leather, and other typically costly and/or fashionable fabrics are not a good idea; cotton, polyester blends, wool, and satin are good ideas, and are often very cheap. So, how about some common, and not so common, types?

The Peter Pan collar

The most common type. The collar is typically associated with children's clothes, which is probably why it's so popular. Also, they have had a recent rise in mainstream popularity, so it's easier to get one off the high street. However, a truly kinderwhore peter-pan dress will come from a charity shop or thrift shop, and will hopefully have that funky old smell. Also, avoid ones with a bold or non-floral/spotted pattern. There's nothing really childish about Aztec designs. To be honest, I'd recommend that every kinderwhore have a black dress with a white/cream peter-pan collar. It'll go with anything and everything!
Source unknown
The lace collar

This is similar to the peter pan collar, however a lace collar can come in a variety of styles, from a small ring around the neckline to a huge Puritan style collar. If you want to have a lace collar of any sort on your dress, it's a simple case of sewing some on; neatness and consistency is certainly no issue! If you want to be very daring, sew different pieces of lace to the collar to create something completely individual!
The Tea Dress

Tea dresses are another popular, if less seen, style worn by kinderwhores. Floral prints and spots of any sort are welcome, though you should typically stay away from the big bright coloured florals in favour of softer, or darker, styles. Finding these outside of those costly vintage shops can be hard, but they are just too pretty to give up searching for!
Courtney Love
The nightdress

This is an uncommon and sometimes tricky style to pull off. A nightdress can be a slip or nighty made of either lace, silk, satin, or chiffon. Typically, these come in creams, whites, and pastel shades. They make for perfect summerwear, as just the thought of wearing a knitted peter pan dress in such heat would make even the most dedicated kinderwhore sweat! Also, this look gives a nice contrast to the childish dresses, and could let you reverse the look a bit.
The plunge

This can be a common look, and is actually quite easy to pull off. It's even a very plus-size friendly style! Like the nightdress, It's ideal if you wish to reverse the look, too. This is basically just a low cut dress, and is very much a style that relies more on patterns, colours, and details than many of the others. Just look for something that's got a floaty skirt, faded colour, and has that secondhand smell and you'll be fine.
Ms Love again. She's the poster girl of kinderwhore for a reason.
The maxi

A rare find, but a find nevertheless. The maxi dress is a tough one to pull off, as it is neither really childish or whorish in appearance, put is pefect for summer and casual wear, so let me guide you through this. Simply, does it look like something a middle-aged lady would have worn a couple of decades back? If yes, then you're on the right lines. The key here is that it should look dated, and have a typically old lady pattern, such as florals and vine-y sorta patterns. Colours for these will typically be pastels and white, though you can find some in more daring colours that could easily fit the look you're going for. As for the shape: I'd recommend something loose and almost shapeless. This really gives off the traditionally grunge-y vibe.
My own maxi dresses (sorry about the quality). Note the dated design and lack of real shape.
Next time, we'll be looking into the socks and shoes of kinderwhore fashion!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 1: The basics.

Gah, apologies for not being active, but life (or lack of) has drained me of all motivation.
This is going to be a series of sorts defining and explaining Kinderwhore fashion in detail. When I first gained interest in the style, I found some basic articles that didn't really explain much, so I have decided to give a degree of detail typically unseen or overlooked.

Firstly, let's discuss the basics, i.e. everything that should really be covered before jumping into the whole dress conundrum!
Courtney Love: Queen of Kinderwhore?
Kinderwhore was a style created by either Courtney Love or Kat Bjelland (lead singers of Hole and Babes in Toyland respectively) circa late 1980s; the rise of the grunge era. The look can be described as a cross between childlike innocence and drunken whore, which could mayyybe in turn mock the whole basis of virgin/slut shaming? (I may be looking into it too deep or with a too modern view)

Now, the bit many guides don't mention is that, due to its deep grunge roots, hygiene is no priority when it comes to Kinderwhore. Hair is often left unbrushed and unruly, showering is more like a monthly ritual than a daily chore, and bath and shower gels are pretty much rejected. Instead girls would wear tons of deodorant or cheap perfume, though quite a few would prefer to smell of smoke and/or booze. This look is certainly not for neat freaks!

Another thing often ignored is where you should get your stuff. Let's be blunt: the high street's too mainstream, knockoff clothes break too easily, and vintage shops are just a rip off! So we're really just left with three options, all of which are perfect! First, charity shops. They're cheap and often durable, and it's better when you get used to the initially icky smell of old clothes just pulled out of a binbag and steamed. Secondly we have thrift stores. They'll probably cost even less, as stuff is priced based on its weight, and you could find some real gems. Only downside is that you may have to learn how to fix and adjust pieces with tears, holes, or broken fastenings. Finally, you could just steal some stuff from your friend, sibling, parent, ect. This does come with the risk of angry people, but if they too dress in a Kinderwhore style, you could both live off each other's wardrobe! eBay may also be an option, though be wary of the price. If it costs more than £15/$30, leave it. You want something that you wouldn't care so much about if it got torn or stolen.
Babes in Toyland. Note the messy hair.
The next post will be discussing dresses! Expect it up sometime this week.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Problems with KONY 2012 (Possible TW)

[WARNING! This article contains possible triggers and lots of rant-induced opinions. Don't say I didn't warn you.]

This is a recent trend, and an increasingly important one. Well, to the misinformed masses. The new film created by Invisible Children has taken the internet by storm, and has resulted in huge awareness and support. But alas! This is not as brilliant as one would expect.

Some will be asking: Just what the hells is it all about? Well, Joseph Kony is described as being a Ugandan warlord and the 7th most wanted man in the world. His war crimes are staggering, and he is well-known (now, anyway) of kidnapping children and forcing them to become either prostitutes and part of his "child army". According to Invisible Children (I.C.), he is currently hiding out in Uganda, and they are working with the Ugandan army to track him down.

There's just one teensy-weensy major issue: Kony has not been in Uganda for over six years. And that army? Infamous for their violent and sexual acts, such as raping and looting. And, if the photo below has anything to say, the owners of I.C. are not entirely professional about this partnership with the Ugandan army.

The creators of Invisible Children, with members of the Ugandan Army. Source
There are issues with I.C., too. Out of the $8.7 million spent last year, just over 30% went to direct services. Look at their public record of their funds if you don't believe me. I'll say now that they are a non-profit organisation. Yet most of the remaining 68% went towards salaries and funding yet another film. Their campaigns are idiotic to PETA-style levels. Abduct Yourself to Free the Abducted, anyone?

Their idea of stopping Kony is an issue, too. I.C. are supporters of military intervention, which is, without doubt, a stupid idea. Think about it: Kony uses an army of child slaves, who are trained to only obey him. International governments have had peace talks with Kony in the past, but the no success. AFRICOM have attempted numerous times to capture him. Heck, Obama sent troops on a mission to locate Kony last year. But if an army, such as the Ugandan army, take on Kony's "child army", then we may see many children dying instead of being rescued.

KONY 2012's impact on the internet-using masses is also quite scary. Just this morning, my sister said that she wanted a KONY 2012 wristband, to which I mentioned that I.C. were a terrible charity. I got called a "sick bastard", and she posted a rant about my "sick thoughts" on Facebook. Cute. Now, many non-charity companies have begun to sell merchandise 'promoting' awareness. The campaign is now nothing more than a bandwagon that makes people think that buying a wristband from a profitable organisation is being an activist. Well I got news for you, kids: The only thing that will promote is capitalism, and some of us don't want that.

Sure, Joseph Kony is a horrible individual who needs to be stopped, but KONY 2012 is just some pathetic attempt by I.C. to enforce the whole 'White-man's burden' shit and make huge profits. Which, I may add, will most certainly result in the employees of I.C. having a nice bonus whilst we all feel cheated. If you want to actually help, then donate to the International Rescue Committee, Africare, or the Catholic Relief Services. Which, if I may add, are all recognised as some of the most reliable charities involved with matters such as saving Kony's victims.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to dress for the Zombie Apocalypse.

It's pretty much accepted that, one day, the dead will walk the earth once more, and thus we must all be ready to run the hell away when they do. Here are a few tips of how to be the best dressed when running for your life.

Most of the survivors in Resident Evil: Extinction are perfect examples of how to dress in hotter weather.
  1. BE PRACTICAL. This means saying goodbye to those pretty hobble skirts and steel-boned corsets, and hello to shorts, joggers, and loose minis. You're going to be moving almost all the time, so be prepared to throw away treasured items in favour of comfortable and easy to move in clothes. I'd say that the grunge crowd are doin' it right. Victorian ladies...not so much.
  2. LAYERS. If you really do insist on wearing that PVC super-mini you just can't leave behind, I suggest you wear lots of pairs of tights with it. The good thing about layers is that you can take them off and still be dressed appropriately for the weather. If the area you're in stops caring about crime when the Apocalypse comes, then go to any shop and take as many random jackets and jumpers as you can. I recommend paying for them if chaos has not yet erupted; the last thing you need is to be locked in a police cell with a dozen zombies trying to force their way in.
  3. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER. If you live in a mild to cold country, opt for lots of thick fabrics, such as wool. If in hot countries, however, thinner layers are a good idea.
  4. YOU DON'T NEED TO LOOK YOUR BEST. This is no action movie. Zombies don't care if you look like a living deity or a random homeless person, so don't bother wearing make-up or dressing in coordinated outfits.
  5. FOOTWEAR IS IMPORTANT. This can be a make or break situation, and you have two options: trainers/sneakers or big-ass boots. The former are good for those running without fighting, the latter for those who prefer to stamp on zombie skulls over legging it. Heels and simple flats are a definite no-go.
  6. ONE OUTFIT IS GOOD ENOUGH. Seriously, you can get some new stuff when you reach a safer place. The layers will come in handy, and you can easily find ways to clean smelly or dirty clothes. Never ever pack a suitcase, as it will just slow you down.
Layering in (fashionable) action.