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Kinderwhore, Part 2: Dresses Galore!

Dresses to Kinderwhore is like caffeine to a blogger, or strings to a guitar; that is, absolutely necessary. I believe that if Courtney and Kat never wore those peter-pan collar dresses, kinderwhore would be virtually non-existent. When you think of the style, the dress is typically the first thought.

However, I'd like to clarify that a peter-pan collar does not always make a dress kinderwhore. A kinderwhore dress has to be something other. I'd agree that the collar is a major element, but not every kinderwhore dress needs one. Mostly go for dresses above the knee and that are either floaty or shapeless, and have a childish feel to them. Material is usually no issue, but be aware that velvet, faux leather, and other typically costly and/or fashionable fabrics are not a good idea; cotton, polyester blends, wool, and satin are good ideas, and are often very cheap. So, how about some common, and not so common, types?

The Peter Pan collar

The most common type. The collar is typically associated with children's clothes, which is probably why it's so popular. Also, they have had a recent rise in mainstream popularity, so it's easier to get one off the high street. However, a truly kinderwhore peter-pan dress will come from a charity shop or thrift shop, and will hopefully have that funky old smell. Also, avoid ones with a bold or non-floral/spotted pattern. There's nothing really childish about Aztec designs. To be honest, I'd recommend that every kinderwhore have a black dress with a white/cream peter-pan collar. It'll go with anything and everything!
Source unknown
The lace collar

This is similar to the peter pan collar, however a lace collar can come in a variety of styles, from a small ring around the neckline to a huge Puritan style collar. If you want to have a lace collar of any sort on your dress, it's a simple case of sewing some on; neatness and consistency is certainly no issue! If you want to be very daring, sew different pieces of lace to the collar to create something completely individual!
The Tea Dress

Tea dresses are another popular, if less seen, style worn by kinderwhores. Floral prints and spots of any sort are welcome, though you should typically stay away from the big bright coloured florals in favour of softer, or darker, styles. Finding these outside of those costly vintage shops can be hard, but they are just too pretty to give up searching for!
Courtney Love
The nightdress

This is an uncommon and sometimes tricky style to pull off. A nightdress can be a slip or nighty made of either lace, silk, satin, or chiffon. Typically, these come in creams, whites, and pastel shades. They make for perfect summerwear, as just the thought of wearing a knitted peter pan dress in such heat would make even the most dedicated kinderwhore sweat! Also, this look gives a nice contrast to the childish dresses, and could let you reverse the look a bit.
The plunge

This can be a common look, and is actually quite easy to pull off. It's even a very plus-size friendly style! Like the nightdress, It's ideal if you wish to reverse the look, too. This is basically just a low cut dress, and is very much a style that relies more on patterns, colours, and details than many of the others. Just look for something that's got a floaty skirt, faded colour, and has that secondhand smell and you'll be fine.
Ms Love again. She's the poster girl of kinderwhore for a reason.
The maxi

A rare find, but a find nevertheless. The maxi dress is a tough one to pull off, as it is neither really childish or whorish in appearance, put is pefect for summer and casual wear, so let me guide you through this. Simply, does it look like something a middle-aged lady would have worn a couple of decades back? If yes, then you're on the right lines. The key here is that it should look dated, and have a typically old lady pattern, such as florals and vine-y sorta patterns. Colours for these will typically be pastels and white, though you can find some in more daring colours that could easily fit the look you're going for. As for the shape: I'd recommend something loose and almost shapeless. This really gives off the traditionally grunge-y vibe.
My own maxi dresses (sorry about the quality). Note the dated design and lack of real shape.
Next time, we'll be looking into the socks and shoes of kinderwhore fashion!

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