Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 3: Leg it!

This is going to be a two-in-one part, due to the closeness of legwear and footwear. This is often a part where childish and whorish are brought together, and can offer greater variety and chance for individuality than the dress.

First, the legs. There are various styles used, so how about a few common examples?

Knee-Highs are popular due to the childlike look they give and are ideal for those who wish to dress their legs without covering the knee up. These come in all sorts of colours and patterns, but plain white or cream ones will go with everything. Also, don't be afraid of darker or brighter colours, as they could give a fun pop of colour to a pastel dress!
Tights are another popular look, and are ideal for colder weather! These are typically seen in white, black, or maybe nude, though go crazy here! Some of the most kinderwhore-friendly patterns are striped and polkadot, though I own a lovely pair of heart-patterned ones! Tights are usually worn to the point of death, with lots of holes and ladders being common.

Stockings, like tights, are commonly torn, mainly by accident, but are a lot more restricting in terms of styles available. However, if you find a nice pair of patterned stockings, be sure to hold onto them!
Ankle socks are a rarity, but are just too lovely to skip over. These, like knee socks, come in all sorts of patterns and colours, so feel free to experiment!
Hole, again.

Now to the feet. footwear is often just said to be Mary Janes and Doc Martens, though there is sooo much else to choose from!

Mary Janes are the most obvious choice, given their childish appearance, however they come in so many styles! Flats, heels, platforms, wedges, black, white, red, pink; anything is possible with Mary Janes! Try and stick to relatively cheap ones, but if you're like me and adore Demonia's shoes too much, save up and get a pair!
Source unknown
Combat boots are good for those times when your pretty shoes are inappropriate, such as when it's raining  snowing, or just too cold! For these times, combat boots come in handy. Docs are a clear winning in the hard-wearing department, though don't underestimate cheaper brands! Get them in leather, pleather, suede, faux suede, floral print, polka dot, plain, pre-worn. The options are endless!
Oxford shoes are that sort of shoe that is both common and uncommon. Whilst Courtney would always be in a pair of Mary Janes, Kat seemed to love Oxford shoes. These can come in flat or heeled styles, and are usually just in plain leather or pleather, but are great for when you tire of that pair of smart MJs.
Kat Bjelland
Other less popular looks include regular courts and heels, pumps, and maybe a pair of cheap flip flops in the summer.

Next time we'll delve into the depths or kinderwhore hair!

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