Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 5: Put that slap on!

According to many articles I've found about Kinderwhore makeup, all you need is some red lippy to slap on.
Wrong! In fact, kinderwhore makeup is just as varied as the dresses! The trick is to mix and match; this will possibly give an air of improvisation and creativity. Also, application should generally be more along the lines of properly-done than children playing with mommy's stuff (though feel free to make it look a bit uneven or lazily-done!)

Where should you get your makeup? Ideally drugstores or supermaket own-brands, though I know you can find cheap makeup in markets and charity shops. However, if you prefer a high street or designer brand, keep in mind that you'll have to make some sacrifices to get it; the original kinderwhores were too busy trying to survive off what money they had to afford nice lippy!

Courtney Love, rocking her ever-present red lippy and smudged eyeshadow.
Common lip colours:
  • Red: be it firetruck or deep crimson, this is without a doubt the most popular shade.
  • Pink: pale pinks are ideal for casual wear and for more childlike lips, whereas a bright pink will make you look like a junkie Barbie doll (which is a good thing!) Also, bright pinks make a great alternative to red!
  • Peach: again, good for low-key and childish lips.
  • Brown: a deep brown, or maybe maroon, is perfect for kinderwhores of colour who wish to be a little more on the subtle side.
  • Nude: bare lips are great if you're feeling a bit lacking in confidence, or if you'd rather emphasise your eyes/cheeks.
Common eye colours:
  • Black: ideal for making a statement with dark, smoky eyes.
  • Brown: ideal for giving the impression of tiredness or extended drug use. Browns can also be a subtle alternative to black smoky eyes.
  • Grey: from silver to glittery to bold, grey is a wonderful all-purpose colour!
  • Pastel: these can give your eyes a cutesy charm, and can be used to make some adorable pastel rainbow eyes!
  • Blue: like brown, a deep blue is a bolder alternative to black!
Common blush colours:
  • Pink: childish charm at its best!
  • Peach: for subtler cheeks.
  • Brown: ideal for kinderwhores of colour wanting subtle cheeks.
  • Red: only for the most daring!
In addition, black eyeliner and mascara are perfect for completing your makeup bag/drawer, though don't be afraid to look for other colours!

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