Saturday, 15 September 2012

Kinderwhore, Part 6: Anything and Everything!

This is a very delayed post, I know, but I'm back at college and already neck-deep in my studies!

The beauty of kinderwhore is that you don't have to stick to just a dress, socks, shoes, and hair stuff! There are a few elements that are not usually associated with the look that can be comfortably incorporated into the look, so get creative!
Courtney Love, the most badass fairy we've ever seen!
No, silly, not headlice! Cardigans and Jumpers are ideal for chucking over a dress in colder weather; my favourite casual outfit is a nightdress with a long baggy cardi and flats. A basic cream, white or black knit can add the finishing touch to an outfit, though a pastel one is ideal for adding the child factor. If you're a knitting fan, then go wild!
A shawl or poncho can also suffice, though extra effort may have to be made to ensure that it looks good with your outfit. However, a shawl will allow you to delve into the endless choice that is brooches (though these could be worn with just the dress), so don't fear them!

Perfect with lolita-style dresses. A petticoat could also be worn over a slip or with a jumper for a more kid-dressing-up look. Colours are no issue, though white, pink, and maybe black are perfect!
On a similar note...

Cute AND practical! Bloomers, especially pettipants, are great for wearing under a dress if you value dignity, or if you just want something adorable to show under your outfit in case of wind! Daring kinderwhore can just chuck on a cute top and show off those bloomers without having to rely on the weather!

This can be cute, morbid, sophisticated, or personal. Plastic jewellery brings out the child aspect, though this is down to personal preference. I prefer steampunk stuff, especially if it involves keys and alchemy bottles, and the next kinderwhore may enjoy wearing a hundred jelly bands! Religious items are becoming quite popular, especially crosses, but remember to understand the meaning; thinking St. Andrew's cross is satanic ain't cute.

A fun way to change your look in an instant! Wigs come in all shapes and colours, and quality is no issue for a kinderwhore, so go nuts! If you simply want to change your hair colour without the commitment, or feel like you need you hair to match that new lipstick, then simply bathe in all the choice you have. eBay is a good place to start, though your local city may have a wig shop present.

Yes, wings. Like tiaras and nightdresses, wings are for the uber-confident. A small pair give a cute bit of fairy-magic, but the bigger they are, the more of that fairy magic you'll have!
And that's about it! Thank you so much for reading this guide, and I hope you have a fun time dressing up!

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