Saturday, 22 September 2012

Kinderwhore Quick Tips!

This ain't part of the Kinderwhore guide, but is more of an side-thing to accompany it. You could call it a "stuff I forgot to mention" post.
Kurt Cobain: proof that kinderwhore is not a girls-only look!

  • Don't shop with kinderwhore in mind

Instead of looking for something that is kinderwhore, look for something that could look kinderwhore. For example, instead of searching for a baby-pink cardigan, perhaps study the design and detail of other cardigans. If you see a navy blue one with cute flowers, get it!

  • Make compromises
This is for issues that you either can't solve or can't be arsed solving. Greasy hair? Stick it in a ponytail. Grass stains on your pretty white tights? Wear 'em anyway! Don't feel like you always need to be presentable.

  • Chill the look sometimes
A good idea for an ill or tired kinderwhore, or one facing an identity crisis of the fashion variety. You are not bound by law to always dress kinderwhore. If you'd rather spend the day in jeans and a jumper, do it. I have a habit of sticking to my PJs when I'm at home, even when I have guests. Case in point: my mates are coming over tomorrow. Will I wash my hair and wear something decent? Hell no.

  • Don't insult your fellow kinderwhores
On Tumblr, there can be a lot of hate between kinderwhores. Some of it is somewhat understandable (I don't really want to see your expensive lippy under the Kinderwhore tag, thanks!), but don't suddenly decide someone is or isn't kinderwhore. It's judgmental and possibly rude. You wouldn't like it if someone you've never even heard of said that you're "not kinderwhore enough" or something, would you?

  • Save those pennies!
Don't feel the need to spend all your cash on clothes. Courtney Love herself preferred to spend it on amps and cigarettes. It's better for all if you spend that money on bills and food than on that nice dress you saw at Shelter or a cute and dye job. Grunge fashion was scruffy for a reason.

  • Stick to your comfort zone
At the end of the day, it's your choice to dress kinderwhore, so it's your choice to wear it however you want. If ripped tights make you cringe, or seeing a white dress stained scares you, then that's okay. Kinderwhore is supposed to feel good, not freaky. Respect your own limits.

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