Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Winter Kinderwhore

With Halloween just a stone's throw away (which also means that I'm moving house very very soon!), it's time to pull out all those fluffy blankets and light those fires. Yep, it's winter!

However, many folk are forced to alter their look and make compromises in order to avoid flu (or worse), especially kinderwhores. Because let's face it, no-one wants swollen purple legs under those ripped fishnets, do they?

But don't start weeping and stuffing those pretty things into the deepest darkest depths of your wardrobe, help is here!
A Mori Girl. Source

Knits are your friends
In my guide, I mentioned that cardigans and jumpers are ideal for when you're feeling a little chilly, and I ain't lying! Thin knits are nice for when your sat indoors with the windows sealed shut, whilst those chunky ones are perfect for nipping to the shop in! Perhaps stock up on those pinks and purples; it's sometimes tricky to look childish when it's minus fifteen outside!

A good thing about winter fashion nowadays is that a lot of places sell knitted dresses, especially charity shops. Another good idea is to grab some Christmas knits; they are typically associated with children, and they come in a variety of designs!

Now, the idea of having a jumper covering that lovely dress may worry you, but one is not always enough. Remember that it's the coldest time of the year! Thus, chuck a larger jumper over that previous one. If you don't want to look like a big pile of knitted garments, consider mixing thin and thick ones into your look. I enjoy a thick cardigan over a thin one. Also, if you get too warm, just take the top layer off! Colour-wise, you can either stick to one colour, or wear a rainbow of different shades or colours!

Layering is not just for knits, mind. Avoid frozen legs by wearing lots of tights, stockings, and socks. Bright tights over fishnets are good for a pop of colour to an over wise bland outfit, and wear thick socks over some tights for toasty calves. Another idea is wearing lots of tutus and petticoats (and bloomers?) under your dress. Not only will your pelvis be nice and toasty, but the winter wind means you can show them off!

Be Inspired by Mori Kei
Despite it having different roots and inspiration, Mori Kei, a Japanese trend where one dresses like someone living it out in a forest, can sometimes look a bit like kinderwhore, due to the large use of cute dresses and lots of legwear, albeit using a natural/earthy palette.

Popular Mori items that can be easily incorporated into kinderwhore fashion include shawls/ponchos, ear muffs, and knitted gloves. Also, Mori girls are known to wear longer dresses, so perhaps take note and warm up those knees!

Childish Accessories
I hope you were taught to always wear hat, scarf, and gloves when going outside, because now's the time to really put the lesson into practice! Children's winter stuff is perfect for a cold kinderwhore, especially with the dominance of cute colours and patterns available! This is really an area where you just need to find stuff that looks childish and fits.

Boots have always been connected with kinderwhore  Wellies worn at festivals, combats rocked by the less feminine kinderwhores, and even the rise of the bootie (or shoe-boot) has had the occasional collision with the look. Also, more punk or gothy kinderwhores are prone to wearing them. Here is an area where preference is key. If you want all-weather boots, go ahead! Military boots? Take 'em! New Rocks with all the trimmings? Secondhand is your best bet! Uggs? If you really want to...

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