Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Highschool Kinderwhore (and some kinda relevant news)

Now, kinderwhore is certainly not highschool-friendly. What with its ripped tights, daring hems, and bold make-up, it's easy to understand why it's usually rocked by those who don't go to school! However, this doesn't mean aspiring kinderwhores have to wait until they leave to be able to pull off the look, and here are some tips to getting away with it!

  • Hair accessories are you best friend
 Most school aren't too fussy over how you have your hair, so long as it's not too extreme. So take advantage of this by wearing cute bows, cheap plastic head bands, and girly hair clips. For the more restrictive school (i.e. private schools), you could probably get away with a pale ribbon used as a hair band.


  • St Trinian's!
The original series is good for a classic kinderwhore-style look, and is more likely to be accepted at your school, but the new ones are perfect for finding ways the personalise your uniform to fit your particular style of kinderwhore fashion. From scruffy pigtails to heels to a mess of curls, you're sure to find a character or clique to draw inspiration from!

Annabelle from the first of the new St Trinian's films. If only schools were this liberal with uniform!

  • Subtlety at its finest!
The main rule is that if you're not too sure, play it safe. This can apply to hair, make-up, and uniform itself, but the key is to have a key kinderwhore aesthetic.

Hair: Pigtails, messy hair, curls of any kind, and ribbons everywhere!
Make-up: Glitter lipgloss, pale lippy, clumpy mascara, shimmer eyeshadow, blush.
Uniform: Skirts, skirts, and skirts! Also socks for the leg-friendly, and Mary-Jane shoes.

Britney's classic schoolgirl look screams kinderwhore at school !

Okay, so now for the second bit of the post; I've had a long-term fashion crisis, and am now rocking it out as a minimalist. However, the kinderwhore ain't gonna stop! It just means that I may mention the minimalist style from time-to-time, but it mainly means that I'll be broadening my blog content to include other styles.
Also, exams and stuff are over now, so hopefully I'll be a more consistent blogger!

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