Sunday, 31 March 2013

Goths and Fitness

Having been a goth for three years (on-off for the last year), I've found retaining the gothic aesthetics whilst trying to stay fit quite hard. If you're like me, you'll probably be struggling to picture a goth in heaps of velvet and fishnet on a treadmill.

Thankfully, my recent adventures in the world of fitness have allowed me to discover just how easy it is to retain one's gothiness when exercising!

  • Your basic gym wardrobe.
As with your everyday clothes, it's ideal to have some basics to help you chose your gym kit. Typically, go for some proper sprts leggings/capris, some yoga pants, a sports vest, a baggy thin t-shirt, and a running jacket. Trainers should be comfy and of high quality; Nike, Adidas, and the like do specialist trainers for running, general fitness, ect.

  • Black is a good starting point.
A no brainer, but key nevertheless. A black vest and leggings combo is the most simple gym outfit to any goth. Thankfully, lots of sports brands sell basic black pieces, though some high street shops do too. For example, Primark sell a lovely and cheap range of black gym clothes with neon pink/yellow accents. I have some of their yoga pants, and they are the most comfiest things ever!

    Black Swan's Lily wears blacks and dark greys instead of the traditional peaches and creams associated with ballet.

  • Prints!
Yes, those popular t-shirts with crosses can be goth-friendly! I'd recommend those baggier varieties, as you'll be able to breath easier. Also keep an eye out for skulls and wolves on loose thin t-shirts, as they can also add a degree of spooky to your gym kit.

  • Stay at home.
If you find going to the gym too scary, I'd recommend looking into home workout DVDs. Goth faves include tribal bellydance and burlesque, though don't feel like you can't try out other types of fitness DVDs! I swear by contemporary dance ones, and also do some pilates. Whilst ballet and yoga are ideal if you hate to sweat, kickboxing and Zumba are also becoming fairly popular in general, so why not try them?

If you need pointing in the right direction, check out The Goth Workout. It's simple and instructive, and even has a bit of dietary advice!

  • Healthy eating should be the real priority.
Whilst working out three times a week sounds like the ideal way to tone up/lose weight/build muscle, remember that pairing it with pizza and fizzy drinks will make it redundant. At least aim to replace white bread with granary, whole milk with skimmed, and switch to your black coffee for water or green tea. Vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming increasingly popular in the subculture, and in many cases promote eating healthier foods to replace meat, so perhaps try them out?

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  1. Great post! I like balance ball workouts. I have a new diet blog, and I'm trying to get my butt motivated to start working out again.