Monday, 26 August 2013

Life Update and Reduction in Practice

I really should attempt to make scheduled posts; it seems I run out of blogging steam way too fast! I'm sorry about the sudden flounce just as I became more regular with posting, but I've been worrying over getting into university and general boredom made me forget I actual have things to do, causing further boredom!

First things first: I'm going to uni! I've got a place doing Literature at the University of Roehampton down in London, and I'll be moving down on September 15th. I can't wait to be in a new place surrounded by new people and doing new things (I plan on becoming an extrovert, at least in part). This is a fresh start for me, and the amount of attention I've been given it makes this obvious.

Now, one thing that is painstakingly clear to me about going to uni is that I have way too much stuff to take, so I'm having to practice the minimalist art of reduction; less clothes, less jewellry, less home decor, you name it. I've made a little list of things to consider when reducing how much you have, or, at least, how much you travel with, specifically when moving out from home.

Wardrobe organisation in action! Source

  • What will you use?
When we moved house last year (it still feels like only last week!), I discovered that I had too much junk that I had not so much as looked at since buying it. This is a simply solved by rummaging through everything and deciding if you have used or will use it. Clothes-wise, I found trying everything on to see if it still fit helped, as my weight's been shifting a bit for a while.

Another easy way to determine if you need it is when you last used it; seasonal clothes generally aside, if you haven't used it in over a year, ditch it. Now is certainly not the time to get all sentimental and decide to hold on to it just because it's pretty or important to you.

  • The basics are the most important
People go through phases, no matter how subtle they can be. For example, I've always worn dark clothing, but the theme or style I go for changes every few months. This is easily combated by having basic items at all times: a white or black top, jeans, ballet flats, ect. are all classic garments and easy to add to or adjust.

As for decorations, some standout pieces are great, but don't hold on to too much; perhaps stick to one paperweight, one sculpture, one know the drill.

  • Organise!
Sort out your clothes in a way you can work with; this will help you expel any unwanted or unnecessary stuff, and makes your wardrobe and drawers look nice and organised. I organise my tops into vests, short-sleeved, then long-sleeved. Then comes dresses, jackets and coats, with bottoms on the top shelf of the wardrobe. Some people work seasonally, and throw their coats and woolly tights into storage during summer, and vice versa.

Also, put stuff in boxes; my room is more like a storage unit than a bedroom because of this! It's best to orgainse boxes into groups, such as a stationary box, DIY box, makeup box, ect. ect. Best bit is that you can simply stack them up and label them, so that you never lose stuff in your room again!

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