Sunday, 19 January 2014

Adventures in London: V&A, Science Museum, and Kensington Gardens.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to take advantage of the fact I live in London, so I'm now planning on going central every week and visit different tourist attractions. Today, I decided to go to South Kensington, and to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, and then decided to have a stroll around Kensington Gardens.

The rock pool in the V&A garden/courtyard
The Victoria and Albert museum was amazing, especially with the massive hall filled with sculptures when you enter (I entered through the tunnel entrance, so it was even better). I personally enjoyed the Fashion and Theatre exhibitions the most, but there's anything for anyone!

The Science museum, meanwhile, was good because I was raised with an interest towards space, so the Space Age section was perfect! My only issue is that, because I have a massive fear of heights, I couldn't go other the walkway or go on the balconies, but people clearly love them!
I loved seeing this when entering the Science Museum; that walkway in the center was really popular.

The moon lander in the Space bit of the museum.
Kensington Gardens was beautiful, even in the middle of winter. I forgot the Albert Memorial was there, so I was breathtaken when I saw it! I also walked to the Kensington Palace, which was stunning alongside the pond, which was a pretty activity hub.

The Albert Memorial

Prettiest pond I've seen thus far.
After my sightseeing, I went to browse the shops on High Street Kensington, before getting lost on the Underground; nobody told me the District line service to the station was separate to the regular route!

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