Monday, 13 January 2014


A lot's happened during my long hiatus (sorry about that!); I am now in my second semester of university in London, I'm trying my hand at poetry, which might be posted on here, I'm no longer goth, I have eyebrows, and I'm blonde!

It's been a difficult journey for me to get where I am now. Namely, I've had a lot of stress thrown on me, a lot of friends to make, and I've had to get used to sharing a hall, kitchen and toilet with 17 other people (which, I might add, is actually easier to adapt to than you'd think). Also, I've had personal problems, which I won't go into, but it's hopefully all sorted now.

One of the biggest hurdles I've encountered thus far is finding a job. I've applied to goodness-knows how many, but nothing's even appeared likely yet. So I've resolved to find voluntary work, either from my uni or a charity shop. Until I get a job, though, I'm going to find ways to earn some money through either Adsense on here or some similar way on my tumblr. Another option is trying to publish my (frankly crap) poetry, but that's something I'll look into when I feel more confident with my skill as a writer.

The girl, the hair, the deflated ego.

Older followers are probably thinking why I have changed my blog's name. Well, as I'm no longer identifying as a goth, I felt sticking to the alternative name was a tad redundant. The new blog title is more representative of me right now: still young, but very thoughtful and creative, and trying to grow up.

Now, being a literature student, I feel I may start doing some book reviews on here, both on books I'm studying and ones I'm reading for *gasp* fun! The information posts will still happen, and I plan on doing posts on historical figures I like, and maybe a post or two on phones/technology, as I've had way too much recent experience in that field.

Like the new look (of the blog/me)? Want to suggest things for me to talk about? Have any idea how I can change my author name on here? Then comment away!

E x

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