Saturday, 18 January 2014

Two Drunken poems

Okay, so I am drunk right now, but here are two poems I have written. Feedback would be wonderful.

Drunken Poem

I threw up,
I screwed up,
But did I?

I danced,
I pranced,
Was I good?

I drunk,
I sunk,
Lower than low.

When I'm sober,
Will I remember,
That silly night?

Drunken Poet  to a Songstress

If I swam,
If I sunk,
Would I die,
In what I drunk?

A poem,
May be solemn,
But it's my home,
Away from  home.

Synthy beats,
Empty sheets,
Imagination's fading,
Is it foreboding?

I am empty,
I am lost,
Give me purpose,
But not too much.

For I am young,
Yet I am old,
I am stupid,
Yet too smart.

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